Central Helicopter Training Academy is now offering Survival Training.  This course is designed to offer the students basic survival skills in the event of a forced landing in a remote area where help is not immediately available.

 Students will be taught to rely on skills acquired during classroom time using items generally carried on their person or items found in natural surroundings. 

  • Understanding the psychology of survival
  • Building emergency shelters
  • Fire construction methods and rescue signal fire building
  • Locating drinking water and purifying
  • Orienteering

 The course will include 16 hours of classroom instruction followed by an overnight field trip to allow students to practice the techniques learned.  In a remote area, the students will be required to construct a shelter using only materials found locally using primitive tools.  They will construct a fire and find and learn how to purify drinking water.  Students will also be taught to construct a signal fire that is effective.  This overnight experience will emphasize the importance of being prepared.

 Survival training FOR pilot’s taught BY pilot’s.  Our instructor has several years flight and survival experience.  Outdoor education certified. .  We have the knowledge and real life skill to help you prepare for the unexpected.



Survive – Be Prepared!