Private Helicopter Licence

Transport Canada Minimum Requirement

Age:     14 Minimum.   It is recommended that the student be at least 16.  Candidate must be 17 at the time of License issuance.

Medical Fitness: Category 1 or 3

Knowledge: 40 hours of Ground School

Ground School Topics Include:

•Canadian Air Regulations

•Theory of Flight


•Airframes, Engines and Aircraft Systems

•Flight Instruments


•Flight Operations

•Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making

Transport Canada Written Exam:

Obtain a minimum overall mark of 60% and minimum 60% in each subject on the Transport Canada written examination (PPHEL) of 100 questions.

  • Air Law
  • Meterology
  • Naviagtion
  • General Knowledge

Experience: Minimum of 45 hours of flight training as per Transport Canada

Training shall include:

17 hours dual flight instruction including:

•Minimum of 3 hours of cross-country flight time

•Minimum of 5 hours of instrument training (3 may be in or FLYIT simulator)

12 hours solo flight time including:

•Minimum of 5 hours cross country time with a solo cross country flight of not less then 100 nautical miles from the point of departure with 2 full stop landing at points other that the point of departure.

Pass a flight test of approximately 1.5 hours.  Transport Canada flight test will test both your flight maneuvers and your knowledge on the ground.

2017 Program Costs:

Robinson R22 45 hours X $510.00 $22,950.00*
Robinson R44 60 hours X $725.00 $43,500.00*
Bell 206B3 60 hours X $1100.00 $66,000.00*

*Prices in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice 3% discount for cash, cheque or debit

You could also use any combination of the above machines to aquire your 45 hours of required experience.  Call to talk with an instructor.                                                                                           

Other costs for training

Ground School 40 Hours $600.00
Training Materials All required books $350.00
Aviation Medical Transport Canada $120.00
Written Exam Transport Canada $110.00
Flight Test Transport Canada $200.00
Licensing Fee Transport Canada $55.00
Private Career College Admin Fee Central Helicopter Training Academy $150.00

HST @ 13% will be added to all training.

NB All fight time listed are Transport Canada minimums and CHTA makes no

guarantee that the student will complete the program in the times stated.

Some students may require additional training.