Intro Flight

Central Helicopter Training offers what is tradionally called an intro flight.  This is sometimes called a discovery flight.  Usually if a person is interested in helicopter flight training they will take this next step.  You will need to set up an appointment which are availalbe anytime we are open and at your convienience.  At the hangar you will spend time with an instructor going over the basics of the helicopter and its components, and talking about the flight items that you are going to experience.  This is not overwhelming just informative.  You will discuss how the controls operate and the “light touch” that is required to operate them.  A discussion will follow about transfer of control and what you will be doing while in flight.  Once the instructor is satisified that enough knowledge and been gained the instructor and student will spend approximentally 15 minutes in the air flying and trying out hovering.  After the experience has been enjoyed the instructor will answer any and all questions you have about flight training and helicopter flying.  The value of this flight is $316.40 taxes included.  If this is something that you are interested in please give us a call or email and we would be happy to set you up.