Instrument Rating

Central Helicopter uses the latest in IFR teaching aids. Our primary platform is our new R44 Raven II with a Sagem™ Glass Cockpit. This coupled with our FLYIT ™ simulator will give you the knowledge and skill level to pass your IFR flight test.

We have just introduced the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag Class 1 Type A&B Software) into our instrument training. We are using Apple™ Ipad2 with ForeFlight™ software. You will learn how to use electronic plates, high and low level charts and associated check lists from an electronic platform. Situational awareness is greatly increased and all items are readily available at a touch of the screen.

Transport Canada Minimum Requirement
Age: 18 Minimum
Medical Fitness: Category 1 or 3
Knowledge: 25 hours of Ground School
The candidate must complete a ground school to prepare for the INRAT written test and be able to pass with a minimum score of 70%. The study guide TP 691E should be used to reference topics to be studied and is available free from Transport Canada web page. Topics include Canadian Aviation Regulations, Instrument flight rules and procedures, Meterology, Navigation, Instruments, Radio Procedures
Minimum of 40 hours of Instrument training as per Transport Canada
Candidate must hold a private or commercial license and have 50 PIC cross country of which 10 must be in helicopters.Training shall include:
Up to 40 hours dual instrument instruction. Up to 20 hours can be ground simulation. 20 hours must be in an aircraft and 5 must be in a helicopter. 15 Hours must be provided by a qualified person and could be done in a fixed wing aircraft with a qualified instructor. One dual cross-country flight under simulated or actual IMC conditions of a minimum of 100 nautical miles, the flight to be conducted in accordance with an IFR flight plan to include at, two different locations, an instrument approach to minima.
  • Students will practice several different instrument approaches including GNSS, GPS overlay, ILS, ADF, VOR and become proficient at hold entries, holds and approaches. 40 hours is the minimum however it may take more time before the student is able to conduct the exercises to the Transport Canada flight standard.
Pass a flight test of approximately 1 hour. Transport Canada flight test will test both your flight maneuvers and your knowledge on the ground.

2017 Program Costs:

Up to

15 Hours R 44 @ $825.00* (may be less depending on hours accumulated)

15 Hours Flyit Simulator (may be less depending on hours accumulated)

Ground school 25 hours

*Prices subect to change without notice 3% discount for cash, cheque or debit

includes use of campus computer programs and all printed and video library material

required for course.

Additional Fees

Transport Canada Written Exam $ 70.00

Transport Canada Flight Test $ 200.00

Transport Canada Licensing Fee $ 80.00

Call and talk to an instructor so we can see what you will require to be prepared for your IFR as you may need less training than you recognize.

NB All fight time listed are Transport Canada minimums and CHTA makes no

guarantee that the student will complete the program in the times stated.

Some students may require additional training.

Prices in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice