Flight Instructor Rating
Transport Canada Minimum Requirement
Age: 18 Minimum
Medical Fitness: Category 1
Knowledge: 25 hours of Ground School
Practical application of the basic principles of learning and techniques of instruction, preparation and use of lesson plans, procedures for planning and presenting preparatory ground instruction, pre-flight briefings, in-flight instruction, and post-flight debriefings, theory of flight required to teach the air exercises, aircraft flight manuals and aircraft operating limits, presentation of pilot decision-making concepts.  The use of the Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide, Flight Training Manual, Canadian Aviation Regulations, part IV and the Flight Test Standards, Private and Commercial Pilot Licenses – Helicopter Category.Obtain a minimum of 70% in two written examination Flight Instructor Rating Helicopter Class 4 (FIREN, HIRAF).
Experience: Minimum of 30 hours of flight training as per Transport Canada
Candidate must hold a commercial license and have 250 PIC helicopter hours Training shall include:
30 hours dual flight instruction including:
  • The applicant shall complete in helicopters 30 hours of dual flight instruction on overall pilot proficiency and the presentation of all exercises set forth in the Flight Instructor Guide and shall include a minimum of 5 hours of training in the teaching of instrument flight skills. A maximum 5 of the 30 hours may be conducted on an approved simulator or flight training device.
Pass a flight test of approximately 1 hour.  Transport Canada flight test will test both your flight maneuvers and your knowledge on the ground.

2017 Program Costs:

25 Hours Helicopter Robinson R 44                                                                                                                  $18125.00

5 Hours FLYIT simulator                                                                                                                                    $650.00

Ground school 25 hours                                                                                                                                    $375.00

*Training may also be done in our R22 call for pricing

Includes 25+ hours of in house ground school, 30 hours of pre and post flight briefings

includes use of campus computer programs and all printed and video library material

required for course.

Additional Fees

Transport Canada Written Exam                                                                                                                         $      70.00

Transport Canada Flight Test                                                                                                                              $    200.00

Transport Canada Licensing Fee                                                                                                                         $      80.00

Private Career College Administration Fee                                                                                                          $    100.00

NB All fight time listed are Transport Canada minimums and CHTA makes no

guarantee that the student will complete the program in the times stated.

Some students may require additional training.

Prices in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice