Chainsaw Safety Awareness Course


Chainsaws can be one of the most useful as well as the most dangerous tools a worker can use. This course is designed to educate participants about the safe handling, maintenance and use of the chainsaw. Participants will gain an understanding in what contributes to accidents and how to avoid them. Hands on demonstrations of saw maintenance, sharpening and practical work. Included are planning strategies in bucking and limbing, understanding compression and tension and dealing with spring poles.  The participant will be coached and will practice these techniques in the course. Notching and back cutting will be introduced for small to medium sized trees, felling techniques for leaning and problem trees will also be demonstrated. There will be a strong focus on personal safety, risk assessment and accident prevention. Training workers and developing skills that reduce safety hazards and reduced risks associated with chainsaws and felling trees is the general theme of this course.

This course will cover:

  • Tree falling risk management, emergency planning and PPE
  • Chainsaw safety, maintenance, safe starting and operations
  • Limbing and bucking
  • Technical cutting &  tree felling



Limbing larger tree



Spring Poles



Smaller trees


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