Central Helicopter Training Academy has an Approved Check Pilot (ACP) on staff that is available to provide PPC services to all Canadian Air Operators. Our daily rate is $800 plus expenses. If you would rather use our aircraft and facilities the minimum charge is $500 for a single PPC plus the rental of the machine. If you need a copy of the current Transport Canada PPC guide you can view it here
Transport Canada PPC and Aircraft type ratings
you will need to review this before completing a PPC.

Our Approved Check Pilot can provide PPC’s for Part 702/703 operation under VFR on these types:
RH 22
RH 44
BH 206
EC 130
AS 355

Our Approved Check Pilot is also a Pilot Examiner and can conduct flight tests for the issue of PPL-H Private Pilot Licence Helicopter and CPL-H Commercail Pilot Licence Helicopter. These flight tests can be taken at your facility with your machine at a value of $500.00 plus expenses or they may be taken at our facility in St Thomas at a value of $500.00 plus the rental of the machine.

Our ACP/PE is an authorized person who can issue the following temporary licence’s and ratings:
Night Rating
Helicopter Type Rating
Restricted Radio Operators Certificate
English Language Proficiency Test

Recurrent pilot training is always available at the daily ACP rate.

If you require any of the above services please feel free to contact us at 519-637-0711 or info@centralhelicoptertraining.com