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CHTA is located at the St. Thomas Municipal Airport (CYQS) just east of St. Thomas, Ontario and only a short 15-minute drive from London.

Unlike larger airports with control towers operating in controlled airspace, St. Thomas is uncontrolled. This means that you do not require a clearance from Air Traffic Control before taking off on a flight. ATC controlled airports such as London, Kitchener, and Buttonville can be quite busy at times and you may be sitting on the ground with the rotors turning waiting for a clearance to go flying. Why is this significant? Because all flight schools charge the student for flight time, which is the time the rotors are turning not the time you are actually in the air flying so your hard earned training dollar may be burning up along with the helicopter’s fuel waiting for that flight clearance.

Training with CHTA at St. Thomas means your training dollar will go further!

Learning ATC procedures and flying in the busy controlled airspace environment is an important, and necessary learned skill. When that time comes, we are less than a 10-minute flight from the London Airport.

Looking for overnight accommodation in the area?   We highly recommend Cardinal Court Motel    (1-877-774-8380) offering special long term rates for CHTA students.